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3d printing a glass path corrector retainer ring?


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I have just got a second Baader 2.6x glass path corrector for a Maxbright 2 binoviewer so that I don't have to constantly swap it across from my solar set up to my lunar/planetary set up and there is a plastic/rubber retaining ring that is used to seat it centrally in a T2 optical train.

There is a problem in that the outer diameter of the ring is slightly too small so it does not sit snugly against the T2 extensions that it sits within (enough that the ring will fall out), and the inner diameter is slightly too large so the glass path corrector does not quite sit snugly in the ring. All this amounts to meaning the glass path corrector rattles around a bit and therefore isn't sitting centrally. I could return it but what are the chances of the next one being the same, as long as the optics are good when I get an opportunity to test them I was wondering about if it is possible to get via 3d printing copies of the retainer ring but with a range of slightly amended inner and outer diameters such that one of them would hopefully be a good fit.

In the picture below on the left is a gpc with the retainer ring on it, and on the right is one with the retainer ring off and sitting below the gpc, that's the thing I am wondering about. Does anyone know what is possible with 3d printing and if I could commission such a thing relatively inexpensively if I provide accurate measurements?


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The answer is yes! There are people out there who will print this to your exact dimensions and it is a relatively cheap, quick print. 
It’s down to what material should be used, PETG is spoken as the desired Astro filament to use, but TLU filament is flexible, the common PLA is what I use extensively, having printed a Harmonic drive with bearings that snap! Into position, 3D printing is very accurate.

I have printed spacers that fit exactly as I having produced them on a simple CAD programme, so a ring of that dimension will be easy to produce. Obviously use the dimensions on the one that does fit, to which I will ask, you have swapped them around to confirm it’s the ring and not the machining of your second GPC?.

It would be nice if there was someone close to you who could do the job for you with the GPC at hand to confirm correct fitting after printing.


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