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This is an integration from 2022-2023.

For the full resolution click on the 1st image for the flickr link, enjoy :)

ASI 2600MM pro
Lum 654 x 60 sec
RGB 3 x 87 x 120 sec
Ha 31 x 300 sec
Newton CFF 200 F5
Avalon Linear & autoguiding
Software SGPro, EQ mod, PI & PS CS6.





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The detail shown in those images is really remarkable, I only wish I could achieve the same. Purely from a personal view I would prefer to see the same images without the diffraction spikes as I find them distracting, but that’s just me.

Well done, excellent images.

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Oops! I’ve just had a thought that although I assumed the diffraction spikes were exaggerated by a PhotoShop type program that has filters do this, it is perhaps far more likely that they are natural diffraction spikes and only look exaggerated due to enlarging the image. That being the case please accept my humble apologies. 🤐

This does not in any way distract from the fact that your images of M82 and M82 are first class. 😀

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Sure I'm happy with the outcome.  About the spikes, it is a newton with curved spiders. They are shorter but thicker. Star reduction is next on the doto list :)

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