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Bresser messier 5 inch tabletop dob

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Hi all. This is my first post here. 

I'm planing to buy a first telescope and can't decide between:

Bresser messier 5 inch tabletop dob


Heritage 130p

The Bresser Messier 5 looks better in most aspects: close tube (no need for DIY shroud), better focuser, I understand it can be rotated for better viewing position?, comes with lunar and solar filters, etc. 

My issue here is that the Bresser has pretty much no reviews. Whilst the heritage has hundreds of reviews and everyone seems quite happy with it. 

Does any one actually own a Bresser who could provide some feedback please? 

Many thanks in advance!! 


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Hi there,

Welcome to SGL! :)

I'm afraid I don't know much about the Bresser at all, but looking at it I do think that's the one I'd be tempted to go for, for the same reasons you listed (closed tube, focuser etc.).

FLO stock both of them, you could send them a friendly email asking for their thoughts?



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I have the heritage 130P and am quite happy with it, but one of the weak points is the focusser. Here I think the Bresser has the better option of the two, and also a sturdier spider holding the secondary mirror. For me the Bresser would win on the focusser and stray light due to the closed tube, the heritage 130P would win on storability as it folds down (which is what mattered to me). Assuming the optics are similar in both of them.

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