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Which 100mm Tak?

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On 06/03/2023 at 14:44, jetstream said:

I might buy a 100mm Tak doublet and see some different models available- what are the differences and are the optics the same across the model line?

Some great answers already, and having owned both the FC-100DC and replaced it with an FC-100DZ, I can concur that there is very little difference between these two optically under normal conditions... however, the DZ should pull ahead slightly when conditions allow 🤞

Ergonomically they are quite different though... the DZ is of course significantly heavier, but then has a fantastic sliding dew shield, much better focuser (stronger and longer travel)... it just feels a step up in operation.

Either, or indeed the DF or DL (if you can find one) would be a fantastic scope, and likely all the scope you'll need for most observing.

There are great reviews (and comparisons) here:




Loads of other reviews of other fantastic scopes there too... just be careful, as I started out reading that very site and then discovered SGL... may not be great for your wallet long term 😆

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12 minutes ago, HollyHound said:

may not be great for your wallet long term 😆

Wallet? you still have one of those?! :icon_scratch: I think my wife hid mine :grin:

Thanks for the links, great info!

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