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Just lately if it's clear outside, I'll go and set up my telescope. I'm ill prepared so I'll mostly look at the same targets over and over again.

I need to make a list of some targets to try and search out. Do you find lists online or make your own? What are some good targets to search for?

Currently I've done Andromeda, the ring nebula, Hercules cluster, E.T cluster, double cluster, pinwheel galaxy (by doing e.a.a), Albireo and the double double in Lyra. I've done the moon, Saturn and Jupiter and its moons.

Any tips on this planning phase will be much appreciated.


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The Royal Astronomy Society of Canada has some lists up.


I'm going to work through the finest NGC when I get some time without the full moon.  They've got some YouTube videos up where they discuss the lists as well.

For the time when the moon is about I'm going to work on double stars from  Discovering Double Stars.  Book 2 is possibly the better one for starting as it's displayed by constellation.


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