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Previous postings on the dec slowmo control on the Astromaster 130 mount

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The dec control itself is a lever that looks like it's stationary but it's not.  It is gray in color like the rest of the mount so it's easy to miss.  The mechanism works like this.  When the lever is pushed from the direction of the slow motion knob it swings the scope clockwise in small increments.  When the lever is pushed by the spring mechanism on the front (behind the large chrome nut) it swings the scope counter clock wise. The step by step is as follows:  Remove the front large chrome nut on the front and make sure the spring is seated inside the attached tube.  Lay that part aside.  Next remove the nut that secures the rear knob adjuster.  Turn the knob counter clockwise so that the small threaded end piece backs all the way into the tube.  Grasp the lever and move it to the right until it stops.  Reinstall the rear knob adjuster,  Turn the knob so that you can see the telescope moving.  Now reinstall the front chrome nut adjuster that contains the spring into place hand tight.  Your control should now work.  I have seen this control mechanism described by a fellow astronomer as a push pull type and that is exactly what it is.  Turning the control knob pushed the lever forward and spring tension moves it back when the knob is turned the opposite direction.  I personally don't think that this is a cheap design.  I think it's a 'kiss'.  (Keep it simple stupid).  Once it's set up correctly there is really nothing to go wrong.

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