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Film imaging book

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I picked up a copy of "Astrophotography II" by Patrick Martinez from a disposal at my local astro club.  Published 1987, it deals with film-based astrophotography, and should be very useful to anyone still into this. It's packed with technical discussion and diagrams.

Not much use to me, but... 


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I wonder how many of the types of film mentioned in this book are still in production!

Many that went off the market have come back due to film getting a resurgence in recent years, but some (Fujifilm Across 100 for example) came back with a slightly different recipe.

By my understanding, few films available today are suitable for astro, as they either suffer from insensitivity to Ha or they have intense reciprocity failure (6 minute sub on rollei infrared 400 got me 4/5ths of nothing haha)


I am trying illford 3200 now, and might try the fujifilm across 100 II next, but my poor star adventurer isn't guided so I am a bit worried I'll be getting star trails if I go much longer on exposure. Unless I find a way to put it on my HEQ5, but then I'd rather image with my main scope on a given clear night if possible!


I hope the book proves a good read!

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Kodak Ectachrome 400 ASA was good for 15 mins exposure under a dark sky, but that was back in 1988, I don’t even know if it’s still available.

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