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Setting up Pegasus Powerbox Micro???!!!????

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This should be easy but it isn't, and Pegasus' set up guide is worse than useless.

I have a remote PC set up and I have downloaded various softwares as below



There is no guide to what needs to be installed here. No step by step guide, nada, apart from this (last line).



I have extracted the Pocket Powerbox Setup and this loads up on screen. I have extracted and installed the switch driver and Observing conditions driver. I have NOT downloaded the Unity Platform

When I run the Powerbox set up and try to connect the Powerbox from the console, I get a 'Device not found'  message and the console shows no connection. Looking under device manager there appears to be no driver for the Micro 


I have a 12V supply and PC connection to the PB, the green light is on and no warning blinks so looks like it has booted up no issues.


Can anybody point me in the right direction? Do I need to install this Unity platform to be able to use the PBM? Or can I download a driver somewhere?





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The Powerbox has a built-in FTDI chip and connects to the PC in a similar way to a mount. You will need to find the correct COM port in the device manager before trying to control it with the software.

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Thanks KP. I installed the Unity Platform in the end and now it connects no problem.

Rather a neat gizmo, I can power camera, PC, AAP,, dew heaters and the temperature and humidity sensor should extend my battery life a bit.

I might run a feed to the mount too, I'm well within the amp limits. Having the power consumption numbers and battery voltage is useful too.  

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