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Ipad as guider for Meade LX10?

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I may be way off base here and not thinking straight but, while I have an EQ5 pro mount for my F5 refractor, I wish to keep my LX10 OTA on the original mount. As we know, there's no Goto and no way of guiding the drive natively with camera/guidescope. My interest would lie in simple, short exposures (perhaps up to a minute or so, max) out in the field without having to "rig up" with computer, camera/guidescope anyhow. So I was thinking "How to guide"? What about if I went back a few years to when people would guide with their eye, either through an off axis guider and eyepiece or a long FL guidescope? However, today, that idea could be made easier, I thought. How about having an iPad connected, via USB/HDMi, to your DSLR, for example, and the iPad acting as your camera's (enlarged) live view screen? It can be done. The next thing would be to find a cross hair app which allows you to superimpose a cross hair anywhere on your iPad screen. What you then have is, essentially, an off axis guider which you can then use your hand controller to keep a chosen star from anywhere in the  FOV of your camera, in the cross hairs.
This could prove to be a very precise way of manually guiding, couldn't it? Either people have  already  thought of it OR, for some reason I haven't  thought through properly, it's a stupid idea.

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Would you be hoping to do this with the native F10? The biggest problem you would have was finding a suitable guide star with the OAG. Unless you are using the scope to mount a camera or piggybacking a smaller scope and using the lx10 to guide as you say.

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Skyhog, sorry, I didn't get notified of your comment and have just seen it. The live view of the camera will have the composition of the target.  In that live view will be multiple stars. The idea, then, is  that the ipad will have a movable reticle which you can place over any star in the live view. You then use the N/S/E/W buttons on your drive handbox to keep the chosen star in centre of the reticle. Even at F10, 9 times out of 10 there will be a star (or stars) in the view which you can track on, surely.

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