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Missed the moon


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A rather pleasant couple of hours jumping around using the synscan goto with the target nicely centered each time, thought I would finish up with a good few minutes on the moon, set the goto and it missed by a long way. 

Anybody got any thoughts on what I did wrong? Polar alignment ok, time and date ok, location ok, maybe 6 or 7 targets spot on including a couple of dso, then it missed the moon, how did I manage that? I was using a Baader hyperion 36mm and it wasn't even in the field of view. 

We do like a challenge :D

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My first thought was your power supply was possibly getting weak @M40.

I find my GoTo system, while usually reliable, can occasionally throw a wobbly for unknown reasons,  but is completely unreliable when the battery power supply is getting low, misses the target by miles. 

Other than that I have no idea . 

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It's quite a puzzle. I use a wired nevada power supply so that shouldn't be the challenge, so currently I have no idea either. I will check all the settings later but basically the telescope was pointing to a  area of sky about 10' lower and immediately beneath the moon. The puzzle is, why did it get everything else spot on including Mars and then get the moon wrong. I  didn't go to another target after as I was wrapping up, kicking myself on that. 

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Accidentally put in uk-style date instead of US without thinking? Aligning on and selecting stars would correct for that, but solar system stuff would be off.

edit: except there isn’t when I last checked a 26th month! So can’t have been that 😄

My power supply plug into the battery is a bit loose and occasionally momentarily loses connection, that really throws it!

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Well just popped out in the rain to check the settings the synscan retains and I didn't spot anything. I did wonder, as we live W2°54' if I had entered E instead but no. So I think, after alignment, my first target next time will be the moon and see what happens🤞

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