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What to do with a very slightly broken AZ-GTi?


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I have an old AZ-GTi that has always been a bit problematic. It never tracked very well, racing off in random directions at random times, but I learned to live with its limitations. That was until it decided to shiver once per second, making the view at high powers vibrate almost continuously. I've bought a new AZ GTi, but what to do with the old one?

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  • Ags changed the title to What to do with a very slightly broken AZ-GTi?

You obviously like them to buy another... Nothing to lose and alot to gain from a full strip down.... probably then run far better than it ever did...

If you change all the bearings, washers the worst that could happen is maybe a new motor or board....

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8 hours ago, Ags said:

Er…. Never? I suppose I have nothing to lose from opening it up. Is there a helpful guide online about servicing GTi’s?

IIRC you tinker a bit with electronics? Or did I make that up? I've always felt like that runaway thing could be power related, ie a loose or corroded connection somewhere causing an intermittent issue like undervoltage or something. Anyway, I think the judder/shiver might be a known issue, the random runaway also might be but I am not sure if it came up in the long owners thread or not.

Plenty of links to Youtube maintenance Videos and other resources have been posted over time in the owners thread but not in one post AFAIK. Maybe the best starting point is to restate those two issues as things you like to try and fix in a new post on that thread, and ask for links to the various teardown and maintenance videos/instructions that people have posted previously, unless you have an hour or two spare to click through the various pages! 

I feel like these issues could be sorted with a bit of tinkering. I think specifically the shudder might be to do with a worn or tight washer but I could be wrong. 

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