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New refractor or Hyperstar for C8 Edge...?

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Sorry, not quite sure which sub-forum to put this in as it crosses a few of them - happy if a moderator wants to move it!


I currently have a WO 66mm refractor (up for sale in the classifieds), a Celestron C8 Edge, an Orion (US) 10" Dob, AVX mount, ZWO ASI Air and a ZWO ASI224MC camera.


I'd like to do more astrophotography, also keen on some EAA (for outreach and for the instant gratification!), but also enjoy visual.

I'm trying to decide which path I should take next, and hoping people can share their experiences and opinions to guide me. I'm thinking going one of two routes:

1: Buy a 102mm refractor (something like the Starfield 102mm f7 ED Doublet) and getting a ZWO ASI585MC camera. I like the thought of trying a 4 inch refractor for visual, but also think It would be a good scope for EAA / DSO, using my Edge 8 HD for more visual and planetary imaging

2. Buy a Hyperstar V4 for my Edge 8HD and a ZWO ASI585MC. If I did this I'm not sure what else I would need? Would I need an OAG for guiding or does the f1.9 mean I'm unlikely to need guided subs. Also, how feasible is it to switch the hyperstar in and out to swap between visual and imaging? (I don't mean in the middle of an observing session, but maybe one session to another)

3. Buy an Edge 800 0.7x focal reducer for the SCT with the ASI 585MC. If I did this, I'm presuming I would need an OAG at this point... How much of a PITA is this to set up?

4. Something else entirely...


Interested in people's thoughts

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