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Widefield Flaming & Tadpoles Nebulae


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There’s a lot going on in and around the Auriga constellation and this winter I’ve been mainly imaging in this region, almost exclusively using the Samyang 135 widefield rig.  Here with the whopping 7.50o x 5.67o FOV this set-up provides, it easily incorporates both emission nebulae IC405, AKA the Flaming Star Nebula and it’s nearby (visually) neighbour IC410, the Tadpoles Nebula, as well as much more.  Here is a dynamic PI processed SHO image  + a cropped Ha starless close-up of the IC410 which shows the Tadpoles in good detail. 



Imaging Details:

Samyang 135 @ f2.8 + ASI 1600MM-Cool camera & ZWO 7nm HOS filters

Ha 24 x 300s

OIII 24 x 300s

SII 18 x 300s

Total Integration: 5hr 30min wo SHO versions of the Hubble Palette: (i) a basic mix and (ii) using a dynamic mix (the main image).  Once more I have been impressed by the ability of this small camera lens to produce exceptional details and colour, but especially here with the Ha version of IC410, where the signature features of the so-called tadpoles have been captured to great effect.



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