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2 hours ago, Orange Smartie said:

I would stick with my basic dob setup; possibly to downsize from 10" to 8", but probably not. I like finding stuff myself, rather than using a goto setup, and it has enabled me to learn the constellations. My perspective is somewhat biased, as I haven't used anything else, but I am happy with the bang per buck a dob can give me.

I get what you are saying. I started without goto, quickly moved to goto which felt like cheating.

I have come full circle and use a five inch newt on an alt az with laminated star atlas and hours of pre planning ruined by bad weather. I am loving it, the basic stripped down nature of the observing, grabbing bins for a minute then going back to the EP.

I can honestly say that low level AP saved me! as I went very quickly to imaging. However it sucked up my meagre cash so I have no experience of other scopes.

I am sure that what I want right now is an ROR so I don’t have to get everything outside and setup, that would be like a high end scope right there.

I think I have come to terms with the fact that I need to use what I have as much as possible.

Now how do I get the money for a 16” Dob???🤣


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