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howdy from northwest kansas, usa. you know.. that place people only know for tornadoes picking up a house with dorthy and her little dog.  im at a bortle 2 almost a 1 with wide open skys without trees.. this means i have great sky but im so far away from everything it can be rough to get stuff. shopping is always fun.

all those nice scopes and such on cn that say pick up only will never happen for me. lol. closest place with a astronomy store is denver colorado which is about 5 hours drive one way, which i just wont do. No twelve hour trips on the road for me anymore. maybe when i was younger.

nice to meet everyone. been reading stuff for a while here without making an account but decided to go ahead.

currently i have an orion 120mmx600mm refractor. got a 585mc on it. had to order a backfocus addition to lengthen it. im still waiting for more news on the different forums about the orion eq26 being any good or not, but was looking to get one. right now this scope sits in my room staring at me till i get a mount for it; while the clear sky mocks me. ;) 

i have a solid steel pier cemented into the ground out in my yard that use to be the home of a large satellite dish i think, which i plan to use.

previously i used a t5i dlsr and no tracking tripod with a 300mm lens. sold it to help pay for what i have now. but hey. its cold outside right now anyway. due to be minus 7F tonight they say. thats about minus 22 in C for others.

regards and blessings,

jason from out in the middle of nowhere. 

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6 hours ago, markse68 said:

Hi Jason, welcome! Bortle 8 here lol


london has to be interesting to shoot from.

guy i know from germany has been pulling his hair out not due to the pollution but simply because hs says its hasnt been clear in months where he is at. told me he was going to sell all his gear. i told him to hang on. it cant stay that way forever. well. lets hope. lol.

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Hi Jason! welcome to SGL, bortle 1/2 eh, must be nice but as you say getting things must be a real chore out in the middle of nowhere. Having said that, I would gladly trade places but somehow I feel I know what the answer would be, it’s nice to have a Walmart 5min down the street but they do have a lot of lights in the parking lot.

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Hi Jason and a warm welcome to SGL.

I'd love to live in the middle of nowhere (bit of a misanthrope) and wouldn't mind travelling for shopping - it'd be worth it for your skies!

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