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23/02/23 Moon, Jupiter and Venus

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It seems like everyone was out photographing this yesterday. My local FB groups are full of them! So I thought I'd add mine.

Nikon D500 & Nikon 18-135mm @ 40mm. 1/60th @ f3.5, ISO 3200


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Leaving the golf club the crescent moon was up, sky darkening and Western cloud dispersing, I said to my pal  "this will be good in 20 minutes". Once I had put away the car and stood outside my front door, the view between mature bare trees was spot on. A navy to royal blue twilight and a line of three bright contrasting celestial objects, well above the roof tops. Such a shame more non-astronomers wont look up, but I do try to encourage them to share these occasions. An hour or so later I did the CPRE star count - a miserable 9 from my back garden. Then it misted over, Carpe Noctem.

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15 minutes ago, Stephenstargazer said:

An hour or so later I did the CPRE star count

I had some thin high cloud come over so all I could see was Betelgeuse, Rigel and the belt :ohmy:

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