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IRIS new process

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Always learning they say, I would always agree with this statement and below is testament to this.  

I have altered my processes after picking up a little advice from a previous post on here. Slightly more involved but nothing significant. 

I have also been applying the "less is more" approach and the result of this can be seen below.

I only have 75 minutes of data on the IRIS, no where near enough I know but 1 shows a result from using auto processes only. Number 2 is where I have rowed back on histogram, background extraction and other processes.



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Added another 45 minutes to the above and really am very pleased with the result. 

I am very aware of the saying, keep doing the same thing and expecting different result is the definition of stupidity/insanity.  So I have been mixing up my approach a little, trying different approaches to different objects rather than a one size fits all.

Anyway, it still feels a little painted to my eyes, as a result of trying to get more out of something where it isn't there. I am though wedded to the idea of sticking with optimised exposure and so we have 95% of 768x15 second exposures, roughly 3 hours.


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The Iris is a difficult one to process as there's a lot of dark cloud around the target which is hard to separate and reveal. I've never really done it justice myself despite spending hours (capture and post processing) on it.

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