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ED80 Solar filter?

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Well I've been a bit of a duffer. My ED80 has a lens cap with a secondary 2" aperture in the center which is covered by some silver foil. Yesterday I was looking at solar filters for the NS8 on David Hinds' site and reckoned they looked like my ED80 cap. Held foil up to light and I can see the bulb filaments. So, I'm thinking I have a solar filter. Is this right and is it safe?????

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Don't know Martin..I'd be tempted to buy some Baader film and refit it just in case....You don't want to melt your head or anything do you...If you know what I mean!

Looking at doing same as you ......I started a thread in the solar section..

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Just had a thought...

Was your scope purchased second hand.....If it was, previous owner may have dabbled with the Sun....Therefore it may be a solar filter...

I'd still change it though.......Melting head and all that....Won't look good at the Starparty!!

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Um, "silver foil"? Check with Ambermile to be sure, but if you can see light bulb filaments, I'm thinking it's insufficient to block the Sun's harmful rays. (I'll have to try my Baader film on a light bulb and see.) It may reduce the amount of sunlight that gets in, but you need to be SURE it blocks infrared AND ultraviolet light for proper protection. You can try it on the Sun WITHOUT the scope first and see what you get, too. If the Sun is seen without discomfort, it MAY be safe. Is the film very, very thin and wrinkly? Does the Sun appear whitish blue through it? If these are true, you most likely have the Baader film there.

Check first, then let us know before you put it on your scope and look in at the Sun!

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I've just bought a 10cm square piece of Thousand Oaks solar filter, with the intention of making an aperture mask for my scope, and putting the filter over the hole. That should leave enough left over for a filter for my 8x21 monocular. I have a Thousand Oaks solar viewing card, which I suspect is the same material (it hasn't arrived yet) but that one says not to use with binoculars. It appears red, but gives a yellowish cast to the sun, but my eyesight isn't good enough to show me sunspots without a scope. I've been awfully tempted to hold it up in front of the monocular, but the thought of spending my life with only one working eye isn't attractive... :pirate:

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