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Changing bearings


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I have a very nice old mount. It does struggle a bit with guiding even small scopes. I also want to use it with a really heavy telescope, est 35kg worth of OTA. I have tried that telescope on the mount before and it works, but it didn't last too long before the cork gaskets were split. I changed those to PTFE gaskets, and these work better. 

Trouble is, I can't find suitably sized needle thrust washer bearings. The mount shafts are 1.5inch on Dec and 2 inch on RA. One of the RA bearings is 2inch shaft and a 7 inch surface. I have found these:

Search Results: needlethrustset - Simply Bearings Ltd

These are not very wide though, so although they would fit around the 2 inch shaft, they'd only use 3/4 inch of the surfaces. 

So do you think changing the PTFE gaskets on this mount would benefit me. There are 3 gaskets on each axis, one each sise of the work wheel, and one at the base. Should I change all of them, or would changing just one be enough to benefit from reduced sticktion, even if the weight was still tricky. 

I'd also like to change the worm wheels. The ones on there are 4.5'' and 7 inch for RA and Dec, but they use a very small worm. A larger one would likely be more precise. But I think that is an expensive job and likely one for later.

Anyways, any thoughts or inputs are welcomed.#

This is the mount:



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PTFE or teflon washers will be better than cork assuming the mating surface is for minimal friction, just make sure they're the same thickness

As for a bigger worm, the drive system is calculated with components in the mount, if anything is changed, ie a bigger worm drive are you able to change this calculation to enable the mount to track or point if it's a goto... Assuming its not

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