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Limb on fire 16 & 17 Feb 2023


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Life caught up and I could not process these on time, so here they are, the two days combined and you can see how some of them progressed in 24 hrs.
Feb 17 photos were at critical sampling (although the seeing was not good at all), so I minimized the windows and upped the framerates. I'd say it worked satisfactorily.

Processing was minimal.


2023-02-17-0813_2-U-L-Lunt_Exposure=3.3ms_Gain=0_Gamma=37(off)_2046_lapl5_ap476 inv.png

2023-02-17-0815_5-U-L-Lunt_Exposure=3.3ms_Gain=0_Gamma=62(off)_2046_lapl4_ap263 inv.png

2023-02-16-0943_5-U-L-Lunt_Exposure=2.4ms_Gain=0_Gamma=49(off)_2046_lapl3_ap2534 norm.png

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12 minutes ago, Altocumulus said:



I can't open any of these, I'm getting Flickr: "Page not found" errors

Dunno why that does not work, let me check

Edit: uploaded photos. For some reason flickr links did not work...


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  • BGazing changed the title to Limb on fire 16 & 17 Feb 2023

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