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Do you know what it is yet?

Paul M

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In the early hours of the 14th Feb I was waiting for 3C 273 to rise so as to not image its jet :

Like a child in a sweet shop, I can't helpgrabbing handfulls of stuff that I like! So I looked for a target near the meridian and the Rosette Nebula stood forward and accepted the challenge.

I was almost exactly not set up for such a large subject. RC10 with 0.8 reducer. I picked an area of interest, NGC 2238. I did a quick stack of the data. 20 x 60 sec, expecting zilch and wasn't disapoinetd. No calibration frames left a severe vignet and dust bunnies like Watership Down.

I'm still in the test period with this rig so flats and darks are on the to do list.

So, I'm now fully Linux/Ubuntu on my away from home lappy. I decided to give Siril yet another chance in our uneasy relationship, while away for the weekend. I know, I know, wrong instument, not enough subs, poor processing... 

But in the face of adversity I produced something of a an image. A corner of the Rosette! Why bother? Why anything??2023-02-18T00_38_01.png.d45c9f51b257dd8c50243c01ec624fe7.png


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