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Comet ZTF Photographic Timeline

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As Comet ZTF leaves the solar system, I wanted to post a series of images I acquired during its fast trajectory over the past several weeks (@scotty1 inspired this):

Moving toward Camelopardis past Ursa Minor (prime focus, 1x30s, ISO 6400)

(prime focus, 1x10s, ISO 6400)

On the eve of perigee, moving toward Auriga (prime focus, 1x20s, ISO 6400)

Speeding through the plane of the galaxy in Auriga (prime focus, 1x10s, ISO Hi)

Headed toward Taurus (prime focus, 1x20s, ISO 3200)


In the midst of the Hyades, significantly dimmer (using 70-300mm zoom lens at 210mm, f/5.3, 1x2.5s, ISO 6400)

(prime focus, 1x10s, ISO Hi)


What a journey!

Clear skies!
Reggie 🤩

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Hi, mate. I used tracking and my 127mm Mak-Cass at prime focus for all but the February 12 shot in which I used a 70-300mm zoom lens. It's kind of sad to see the comet go; it was a fun chase!


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