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First fruits of the OAG

OK Apricot

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A decent astro night Monday! Tried to push and convince myself I didn't need sleep before work but came to my senses and packed up after 4ish hours of trouble-free imaging 😊 Galaxy season looms, so here is M33 the Triangulum Galaxy and M101 The Pinwheel Galaxy. Quite pleased with how it turned out with such little data - 1hr 54mins for M33 and 1hr 45mins for M101 of 3 minute sub frames.



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Swapped from guide scope to OAG. First night was difficult to find common focus, getting backspacing right and the like and guiding was all over the shop, albeit with round stars. On my other thread changes were suggested like Bin2, lowering aggression and changing where I Calibrated. This time numbers were between 0.4" and 0.6" and helped get these sweet galaxies 🙂

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