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Supernova in NGC 2708 in Hydra

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SN 2023bee in NGC 2708 was discovered a couple of weeks ago. I estimated its brightness at magnitude 13.2 last night. It was much easier to see than its 12th magnitude host galaxy.

The SN appears to be outside the outermost visible reaches of the galaxy, but deep images show that it has faint tidal tails caused by interactions with some other galaxy (NGC 2709?) and the SN is probably in one of those, though I guess a halo globular is also possible.

See the image below from Manfred Mrotzek, posted on David Bishop's site. NGC 2708 is the unmarked galaxy below the SN.


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Great images, Les. I’ve marked up the line of 4 point sources including the SN mentioned in my report. I was also using a fifth which I circled as a guide. Thanks for sharing, it’s awesome to see the SN like that :) 190D54C1-043D-41D1-BE0F-F9372D4CA633.thumb.jpeg.f47e7799f9105fb916fce827fe399c0f.jpeg

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