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Monday night fun.

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Work is very busy at the moment, and looking back through my logs I realised I've not yet had a really decent extended session with my 14" dob yet this year. Tonight gave me a really welcome chance to put that right.

Comet 2022 e3 ztf-  With time (adaptation?) a really good view emerges, NGC1647 visible and comet tail just about there with averted vision (I think... maybe ..)- convinced myself by moving the bright head out of fov. Lovely.
Rigel for practice on Sirius- lovely clear split at eleven o'clock at 400x mag. 
Sirius- purple below, red on top and dancing like a glitterball. No pup. Kept thinking I saw it then realising it was a reflection. 
M42. Trap but no e or f in 4mm: too much magnification. Then first light for 17mm acquired from @azrabella really nice view. Sky definitely murky, but lovely pin sharp stars and great detail on the brightest bit of the nebula. Just about catching e and f. With Oiii lots of detail in the cloud. Running man also easily visible as a big patch with a dark bit in the middle Awesome 😎.
M1 just the faintest shadow. Could just about discern it with no filter. Oiii didn't help all that much. Really quite tricky.
Abell 12. Nope! This is a planetary nebula very close to Mu Orion that a mate has been imaging. Tried in 17mm and 8mm with and without Oiii filter- not a hint of it.
Back to m42 at 8mm. Trap nice and wide, e and f stars winking in and out of view nicely. Main nebula is now just a patch without much texture.
Christmas tree - lovely view- perfectly fills the Baader zooms 24mm fov.
Mars- quite small. Just hints of detail. Phase clearly visible
Then finishing with a couple of stars.
31 Orion lovely orange, plus faint companion
Cor coroli blue and white nice

What a really good satisfying session!

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