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Small asteroid to impact Earth’s atmosphere tonight (N France)

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I'm in Hemel Hempstead and it's cloudy but I did set up my camera up on my garden table with the tripod fully extended and tied to the parasol so it doesn't fall. I might not get anything but it's wirth a try. The SE coast looks clear around that time. 


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I find it amazing that someone can discover something 1 meter wide a few hours before it hits.

Maybe as we get better, we just might be able to prevent something terrible from happening to a large populated area.

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It is a good sign. If we are finding these small ones, then the larger more dangerous objects should be a piece of cake to find. The one weak spot is when they are close to the Sun, but they are in the process of filling that hole right now.

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Great image of the event here, for anyone who missed it on IMO (it was removed), and worth checking the IMO (link above) again for another well executed image of the fireball, if you did not look there recently.

There is also more data/analysis from UKMON:

Summary for Event
Updated: 2023-02-13 15:51:02

shower ID -1 spo (Sporadic)
Lg 112.49° Bg 13.52° Vg 8.95km/s
mass 3274g, abs. mag -9.0
best visual mag -7.9
Mass is a lower estimate based on the measured emitted energy and will significantly underestimate the mass of bright events.

Path Details
start -0.17° 49.92° 101.47km
end   0.50° 49.83° 44.75km

approx track length 49.0 km
approx angle of entry 49° from horizontal

Orbit Details
Semimajor axis 1.65A.U., eccentricity 0.44, inclination 3.45°, Period 2.11Y, LA Sun 323.81°, last Perihelion 2021-02-02
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It is quite a big deal to find meteorites from an asteroid that was detected prior to entry in the atmosphere. It's very rare that so much data is collected prior to an event, and putting all that data together along with a sample of rock, has the potential to unlock many mysteries. I would be smiling too if it was me :)

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