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Borg Turret.


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Been thinking about purchasing one of these since seeing one at the London Astrofest.

Purchased a few days ago from Ambermile, it arrived this morning well packaged and in perfect condition.

If any one has "Butter fingers" it's me. I have already dropped an eyepiece and nearly dropped the camera on quite a few occasions whilst swapping eyepieces or fiddling around with the camera. So when one of these bacame available I snapped it up!!

First impressions.

It has 4 eyepiece holders and a 2" or 1.25" fitting for a DSLR, webcam or another eyepiece.

The eyepiece holders are the "Push fit" type which are nice and snug...After a "Road test" The eyepieces didn't move whilst rotating the unit, which was reasuring!

Once your 4 favourite eyepieces are loaded into the unit it's just a case of rotating the eyepieces around with a nice click to tell you it's all lined up.

I played with mine fully loaded with eyepieces, DSLR (Complete with double battery pack!!) To see if there was any movement or slack  in the unit, there was none that I could find.

The unit has a little lever on the side which operates the mirror diagonal to swap between the 4 eyepieces or the camera, 2" eyepiece, additional 1.25" eyepiece, webcam or camera!!!



I've had a quick play on the patio with it observing and imaging the moon. Well pleased with it :lol:


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:lol: They are just wicked for visual aren't they? And for the price you get maybe 5 EP's or 4 and a camera all parfocal. It was the second one I've had but that 4 1/2" apo was calling and it had to go :) I liked the push fit for the EP's and the way you can just push them in far enough to focus and know that when they come around again they're still in the same place. Have fun - I did!


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I used it this afternoon to do some solar observing.

I loaded it with a 40mm, 17mm, 10mm, and 5mm.

Because of the small mirror there was some vignetting with the 40mm, but all other EP's were fine. A very convienient bit of kit, the wife had a look at the sun and even flicked through the 4 EP's.

She said the 17mm was best!! :lol::)

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