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Comet 2022 E3 ZTF

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Had a bit of a break from imaging since early November, mainly because I have run out of targets I can do in narrowband from my home location.   I don;t want to keep repeating stuff I have done before unless I thinkl I can do them better or can present them in a different way.  

Added that that haven't felt like braving the cold weather unless there was something I was desperate to do - which there wasn't.   All the targets I am desperate to do need dark skies, and being at a campsite at the right time of year.  

Anyway the comet got me out of my doldrums and I got out a few days ago to image it.

Not brilliant, and expecting a more defined tail I guess was expecting a bit much from the London Suburbs, PLUS I FINALLY FOUND A DECENT TUTORIAL ON HOW TO TO COMET STACKING IN DSS - yay. 

I had heard it was moving fast, so decided on a dual rig with DSLR for colour and Lum with a mono camera.  

100 x 30secs DSLR Canon 1100D

24 x 2 mins Lum with Atik460EX on ED72.

Total imaging time around 1 1/2 hours



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Nice colours. It's a lovely looking comet. I get the impression that now it's receding it's getting more manageable to image.

I keep going back to the data I captured in January to see if I can get an image I'm happy with. I'm ok with comet stacking but im too heavy handed in processing the delicate detail. Kinda given up now! 

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