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And now to something completelty different..... JC


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Another target that is no so often seen,

With some imagination you can see 2 nebulas in sequence on the way towards the more dim nebula.
So why not, (NGC2162=wrong) IC 2162 "The journey" or "Snowballs"?

I had a short window 17/1, 4 hours,  aprox. 15x300 of each. (HA, OIII, SII)


Edited by Ceph
Gave wrong description on nebula
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13 hours ago, Sunshine said:

This is one I have never seen, it's interesting! 

New to me as well, stumbled upon it 17 jan actually, but do not remember from where I saw it.
Rather small target so a larger scope and less lightpollution... :)

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12 hours ago, JeremyS said:

Nice to have something a bit different 👍🏻

Thanks Jeremy.
Of course I am not the first on this but I had never seen it before this day either so.. :)

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2 hours ago, dweller25 said:

I’m guessing this is a montage but it looks good 👍

Thanks David
I realized that I actually gave the wrong description on this one. I wrote it was NGC2162, my bad, it is IC 2162 nothing else, so no it is no montage.

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