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Animation of Tuesday's CME 7 Feb 2023

Dave Smith

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I would love to have captured a full animation on Tuesday but (1) I didn't know it was happening (2) the clouds kept interrupting which prevented regular timings, so I did keep taking images at random when the cloud permitted. From those these four do give a view of the event. Rough measurement indicates to me that it was erupting at probably in excess of 100 km per second.
Maths at the bottom.


Size of Earth 4mm
diameter of Earth 12 740 km
Distance on screen CME moved in 33 minutes 70mm
So Speed of CME = 70/4 Earth diameters in 33 mins = (70 X 12740)/(4 x 33 x 60) km/s = 112 km/s

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animation not working
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