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SGL 2023 challenge 2


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Good afternoon my friends 

I just wanted to start a thread off of the actual comp thread to discuss some of the sketches being entered as the rules state not to jumble the thread with chat so  I’m not sure how to tag people but I’ll give it a go lol 

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buddy those are some amazing sketches there such great contrast in your lunar work I’m working through the ALPO sketching program and your work was outsatabding buddy !!! I love the rille that you named Elgar rille I will definitely look out for that in the future !! 
mother outstanding work to note off the top of my head is the flame and HH that is outstanding buddy !!!!!! 

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Oh also to add @mikeDnight

love the sketches of the double stars I never thought of sketching doubles !! 
I do some measuring of doubles with an Astrometric and that would be a great way of recording it too I think !!! Great stuff buddy really cool I see that you mainly use smaller fracs like your TAK what kind of mount is it sitting on ? 

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51 minutes ago, Moon-Monkey said:


buddy those full lunar sketches are really cool buddy it must have taken a long time to do those bud !!!!! 

Good idea for a sketching chat over here and thanks for the feedback. I reckon about 30...45mins each (last night definitely 45 mins) but i think they will get slower to do not quicker through the lunar cycle . I'm new at this lunar stuff and i realise now that the full moon is easier than a moon with a detailed terminator.  It's supposed to be cloudy here tonight but it's clear at the moment so i may get a chance to test that hunch later.

BTW - I think that by drawing the full disk you get the benefit of drawing at a scale that forgives a few (a lot!) of errors.👍🏼

That's also why i draw Jupiter the size of a ten pence piece and Mars the size of an old 1/2 pence piece - very forgiving 🤣

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This is a good idea--I was starting to worry about the amount of non-entry posts that were in the contest thread :)  @josefk I should have thought of drawing my moon picture much smaller to make it harder to spot mistakes; perhaps I can do that with another entry ;) 

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