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The Monkey Head, Jellyfish and M35 - Samyang widefield.


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Trying to find objects that will stand out under a full moon. This is what the Samyang 135 caught piggybacking on my dual-RASAs two nights ago. I spiced it up with about 50% RASA data to the main features. There are 11 Sharpless objects in the image, and of course M35 - the star cluster at the bottom.

Camera was Omegon veTEC571C with IDAS NBZ (Ha+Oiii) filter. 85 x 5 min, so about 7 hours. Processing in PI and PS, which of course included Russ Croman's magnificent XT-actions.

Cheers, Göran

20230205-6 Jelly SY135 PS12smallSign.jpg

Screenshot 2023-02-07 at 15.57.58.png

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Thanks Dan!

The framing was rather accidental. I put my attention on framing the RASA image and see what ever the Samyang piggyback is catching as a bonus.

I only focus it manually, but the temperature was rather steady, falling from -5°C to - 7°C during the night so it did not affect focus.

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