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Newbie here some questions about collimating flextubes

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Hey so the clouds finally cleared and I got a good look at the moon tonight. I'd say the view I had was a bit better than before, but definitely no worse. Not sure if that is due to the attempted improvement of the collimation, or the fact the moon was higher in the sky when I looked tonight, I've read that objects do look better when higher up. But then I didnt give the telescope proper time to cool down to the outside temperature tonight whereas I did the other night so I was dreading worse views but ended up pleasantly surprised.

I do need to get the secondary mirror right at some point but I've decided to hold off on doing it until I'm more familiar with the scope. For now I just want to get more comfortable using it. Will looking through the cheshire and realigning the doughnut on top of the black dot every few sessions keep the collimation at roughly its current quality?

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Use this I did when I had a 8" and I had to strip it down to flock it, it makes it easier blocking the primary mirror reflection to get the Secondary in the right place then you can tweak the collimation screws to get the mirror clips in.

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