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Ocal collimator Help

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Help need  before i go stir crazy , scope is a 200pds ,fitted with a baader steeltrack focuser , now i inputted ocal camera focus code into text file ,for the life of me  i cannot align the primary edge and get the donut centred at the same time ,see pictures , ive alinged focuser tube using the off set , aligned secondary etc  but for the life of me i can not get the primary aligned , checked with a collimation cap and i can see the clips are equal but donut slightly out , inserted concentre and donut bang on , though outer edge of primary looks slightly out through concentre  corresponding to what i see in the  Ocal ,so how can i get the primary to look centred and the Donut to centre at the same time 

secondary with primary blocked  


Primary edge



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9 hours ago, Coco said:

How did you get on? Still need help?

Hi I think I’m good now hopefully, having the steeltrack I could adjust the focuser to allow for side to side error on secondary mirror, I re  spotted the primary as that was a good 6mm off centre and hopefully that sorted it once skies clear I can have a better look at the results.

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