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Crayford focuser advice

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Looking for some advice please…..

I am in the process of checking / improving collimation on a new to me dob. I have noticed that there is a small bolt wedged between focuser and tube on my OO 10” VX10.

Also the inward and outward focuser is sticking / not sliding in and out as it should and needs some attention. Not sure if this small loose fixing is anything to do with this??

Im not familiar with the Crayford focuser assembly and trying to work out which of the various allen key type fixings allow me to remove the focuser from the base and then in turn allow me to loosen the base to remove the loose bolt.

Any advice about this or links to info about serving the focuser also appreciated.

some photos attached.






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Worked out how to remove focuser from base, loosening the 3 grub screws and removed focuser. The stray bolt and one of the rollers in the Crayford has come loose / fallen out. Can anyone advice which fixings I need to loosen to allow me to take the focus tube out of the focuser to get access to refit the roller please?


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Anyone know what these fixings on this model of Crayford focuser do? I think this is an unbranded Omigron dual speed focuser but having no luck finding any instructions or diagrams. I’m trying to work out how to dismantle focuser to replace a roller bearing that has fallen out and I’m keen not do something to it that I regret.

Any advice much appreciated. 


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