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Celestron - AstroMaster 90EQ Refractor Telescope or Skywatcher evostar-90

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Hi everyone,

I'm new in this world, but I would like to buy a telescope where I can wactch the moon, system solar and galaxies and taking pictures but I dont know which one decide between those 2. My budget it's not more than $300 dolars.

can someone tell me wich one it's better?

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Hi and welcome to SGL. 

So you have a very broad range of requirements there, something that is not really possible from that budget. There are very many different strands to astronomy and you are trying to cover a very large part of it so your going to need help.

I am not trying to fob you off here but you need better help that could be achieved online by finding and visiting a local astronomy centre/club and discussing face to face so you can get to the hub of what you really want for $300. 

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Optically there shouldn't be much difference between the two telescopes. Synta, the manufacturers of Skywatcher branded telescopes, also own Celestron and sell similar telescopes under the two brand names. The Celestron's CG3 mount is a little newer than the Skywatcher's EQ2 , both have similar payload capacities, but the CG3 has a better tripod (steel legs) so should be more stable than the EQ2 (aluminium legs)

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