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On 15/02/2023 at 07:56, Stu said:

Very interesting @F15Rules, I didn’t know you and the TAL had such a history, I always assumed it was with longer focal ratio scopes, for some reason 😉

Hi Stu,

Well, to be sure, I did get into astronomy as a teenager with F15 scopes, which really were what most refractors then we're available as..80mm F15, or 60mm F15, to control CA.

I had a significant break from astronomy when we started a family in 1989, and did little astro until c 1999 onwards. That's when I bought my first Tal at F10 and over the next decade bought and sold (too many) various scopes, mainly achro fracs, (Tals, Vixen, Polarex, Pentax):I then also got into 150mm Maksutovs for a few years, and owned Lomo, Ylena and Intes Micro Maks, all of which were also pretty long focal lengths, between F11 and F14..and all really excellent scopes indeed. Then I found an (AE Luton) 4.5" F14 achromat, and my F15 phase culminated in my superb "Andromeda", a fine 5" F15 D&G USA achromat, fabulous, but fully 2 metres long! Sadly that became unmanageable for me, but a couple of years later, after owning 2 fabulous Vixen ED103s 4" apos, I found "Trinity" my "Precious" 5" Tak, and my morphing was complete!🤦😂..



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