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Skywatcher 130p

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Hi guys.

I'm new to this and would like some advise regarding optics/barlow, ideally id like something that would help with the finer details of planets and also something capable of seeing galaxies if they're not beyond the reaches of the telescope.


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Thing is that your two requirements are at opposite ends of the spectrum.  For planets you need magnification, for galaxies its aperture.  To get really large detailed planetary images you need both, mainly as higher magnification reduces detail so to compensate a larger aperture is required.  With galaxies you want to capture every photon so a fast scope with large aperture is needed.  

So basically, if you're not happy with the results you are getting, then there isn't much you can do other than upgrade, as sticking a 3x barlow in the mix won't give you the detail you want as the resolution and brightness will be greatly reduced.  All scopes have their limitations, which is why a lot of people end up with two or more scopes that are more suited for the deferent needs. 

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For planets with an f5 scope you want to be looking at something like a 4mm or barlowed equivalent like an 8mm and 2x barlow. You might be able to push it a bit higher but it will depend on the scope and your eyes, so a zoom might be a better option. The 7.2-21.5 Hyperflex zoom and a 2-2.5x barlow or the SVBony 3-10mm, probably with a 2x barlow as it seems that it's not great below 5mm or if you can afford it the 3-6mm Nagler zoom would be suitable options. 

For galaxies your best bet is dark skies and an eyepiece giving an exit pupil in the 2-3mm range, so 10-15mm eyepiece would be your best choice, tending towards the 10mm end of the range to give as much magnification as possible. 

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