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Mancunian Lee

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For those that dont know all a Podcast is a radioshow thats available for download via the web and you listen to it as and when you have time.

You need Itunes for most of them though, you can get that from here > http://www.apple.com/itunes/ once downloaded open up the podcast menu on the left and have a look to see which you fancy, everything from the latest bumby bumby chart music to current affairs shows are in there. Plus a fair good few Astronomy shows.

I thought id give you a run down of all what ive found to be the best Astronomy podcasts ive found.

"Science @ NASA feature stories podcast" - Will play through Itunes, any MP3 player and can be burnt to CD.

This one is release as and when its needed, everytime there is a big NASA story or press release - it gets the podcast treatment. All they basically do is read out the press release and explain what it means in laymen's terms, gives you a few extra details and information and tells you where you can find more information - all in all an excellent way of getting the latest NASA news. This is put together and presented by NASA.

"NASAcast Video" - Can only be played through Itunes and Video Ipods only.

This is a weekly TV show which is a round up the weeks space news, not always NASA news but space and astronomy news, it includes interviews with NASA scientists involved with the story and what not too. very much like a documentry seen on the NASA channel. Again this is all put together by NASA and presented very well.

"Slacker Astronomy" - Can be played through Itunes, MP3 players or burnt to CD.

This is a more light hearted look at things, it takes the weeks news and puts it into a humourous, quirky way. If im honest i dont find it that funny, but its very informative. They also go into some detail about how folk can get involved in scientific experiments - an example would be a couple of episodes ago where they told us about a light pollution experiment to help find the best places to observe the night sky. The experiment basically told you to go out and look at Orion and go to a website where you get to see a picture of Orion and edits the picture until it matched what you saw. They details these experiments a fair bit, so its a good way of publicising smaller projects we can all help with.

Its a good show, very informative, straight to the point but not that funny and can sometimes just sound monotone as if they are reading and dont really care about things!! but still worth listening too. Published to Itunes weekly :)

"Skywatch" Plays on Itunes, mp3 players and can be burnt to CD.

This is a very serious look at Astronomy, it takes the weeks events and has experts on hand to explain and discuss them in great detail. Carol Christian of The Space Telescope Science Institute and Jim O Leary of the Maryland Science Centre present the show and obviously know there stuff. They also let you email in and ask them questions, they claim to reply to every one but i havent sent one so dont know if they actually do. Either way this is probably the best one out there if your into a serious discussion on Astronomy.

These are just the ones i listen too, there's plenty more out there. Starwatching Express is meant to be very good so ill probably download that one later. Space.com and Plantery Radio are meant to be very good too but i dont think ill bother as i have enough to listen too :lol:

They are all free too!

Plenty of other stuff of a similar vein is available as well, just have a look under the science section :)

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