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Recently purchased an orion XT8. Really geeking out over moon images but havent gotten a glimpse of the planets yet. The red-dot spotting scope i have is junk. The red dot is so bright and the glass is so opaque it only works on the moon. 

Any recommendations.



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With most red -dot finders the brightness of the red dot can be turned down.  They are best used for aiming at bright objects or at an area of sky.  I suggest that you get a right-angle optical finderscope, e.g. 9x50,  and mount it to the XT8.  I suggest you keep the red-dot finder as the two kinds of finder complement each other and many people find it helpful to have both.

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Is it the EZ Finder 2 you are having trouble with ?

An upgrade may be in order.

I use a Baader Skysurfer V on my mount (on my mount not the scope) They are good but a touch pricey.

TS however, do something similar, which is good value, and a bit smaller, but with the same sized finder window.

I have one, and its been really good. you can dim down the dot as well, like the Baader version.

And it looks like it uses the same type of finder shoe as you have on your scope, but its worth clarifying this...

They are aroud £50. 

Check it out :


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Hello Navydive and welcome to the site 👌

I use a similar red dot finder to yours plus I also use a rigel quikfinder. The rigel does have a smaller dot plus its got a bulls eye type view.

If you decide to go for one of these, I do recommend the optional battery pack. All the best.

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Try opening both eyes at the same time and merging the red dot in the dark window with the sky view seen by the unobstructed eye not looking through the window.  I apologize in advance if you are blind in one eye.

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I am not a fan of those  red dot sights at all.  My personal preference is a 9x50 RACI in a dual mount with a green laser.  Get close with the laser and on target with the finder.   It doesnt get any easier then that. Well....at least in my book. 

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Red dot finders are (in my opinion anyway) OK on a small scope. Anything a decent size warrants a Rigel, or findeer scope.
Some red dot finders require attention to make them useful, others are useless. A few are good as supplied.

A dot that is far too bright at the dimmest setting means taking the thing apart and fitting a much higher value series resistor to the LED.
I once modded a Skywatcher finder (used on a refractor) with a switch and variable resistor.
In original mode it ran the original Skywatcher setup and was good for daylight use.
Flip the switch and bring in the higher value resistors and it was good for night use.

Unfortunately some finders have a very tinted screen that renders even bright objects like Jupiter all but invisible.
These are for landfill.


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