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Walking on the Moon

TOA 130 vs C11Edge


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I am pretty much resolved to the decision that the TOA 130 is the better choice for me--mostly becuase of my sky.  On the rare occasions the seeing is very good, the C11 can pull out extraordinary details--but so can the refractor....maybe not quite as much.  But it does it 65% of the time instead of 10% of the time.  Here is a good example of the difference.  Both images were taken with the ASI 1600 and are bin2.  The TOA has a resolution of 1.12" and the C11 has a resolution of .8".  There is much to say about the differences of the systems, in all respects.  But the images tell a better tale.  To my eyes, the realized resolution is very close, but I like the color better in the TOA, and or colurse the FOV.  The question is, with a full frame sensor on the c11, and a similar FOV, would they be identical.  if soi, then it really is jhust down to the percent of the time the data is not ruined by seeing/guiding/wind, etc.

TOA 130-25 hours



C11-32 hours



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