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Rosette Nebula, final version...


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With recent clear skies I think I'm finished this one now, in previous years I've only been able to collect Ha, this year I've managed to get some OIII and SII too so here's my version of the Rosette Nebula. There's an absolute ton of Ha around it and if only we got some more clear skies I'd try to mosaic between the Rosette to the Christmas Tree Nebula area. But.. we don't so that'll probably not be happening!

This image is taken through a William Optics RedCat 71 with an ASI2600MM-Pro using Optolong 3nm narrowband filters on an iOptron CEM40 all managed with an ASIAir, processed in Pixinsight with a little help from Blur/NoiseXterminator..

All subs are 5 minutes with 29x Ha, 20x OIII and 19x SII so just over 5 and a half hours data. The weakest data is the OIII, note to self... in future make the effort to get more OIII!. Of the three filters the OIII had a slight gradient to the top - which is in the direction of Exeter so it's evidently letting in just a little light pollution unlike the other two filters.

I am wondering just how far the Ha goes to the bottom left...



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