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Horsehead and Flame Nebula in HaRGB


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- Skywatcher EQ6-R pro

- AKSAR FRA400 with 0.7x reducer (f3.9)

- ZWO 32mm f4 guidescope + ASI 120MM-mini

- ZWO ASI 294MM pro


- Optolong 36mm RGB filters, Optolong 3nm 36mm Ha filter

- Pegasus Powerbox advance



- Lights, Ha 23 x 300s, RGB 20 x 180s, total integration 225 minutes

- Darks: 30

- Flats: 20 per filter

- Darkflats: 20 per filter



-        Stack and calibrate al subframes in APP

-        Light pollution removal and batch crop on Ha, R, G and B stacks

-        Combine as HaRGB, star colour calibrate

-        Save stretched version of Ha alone and HaRGB as 16bit TIFFs

-        HaRGB file in PS – noise xterminator, starxterminator, create star mask, saturation, vibrance, light stretch

-        Ha file in PS – noise Xterminator, starXterminator, curves, ACR, contrast

-        Use processed Ha file as luminance on starless HaRGB file at 25% opacity

-        Further sharpening and adjustments using Topaz AI and a series of masked high pass filters

-        On Star only layer, minimisation using highlights selection and minimum filter

-        Add stars back into main image using blend mode “linear dodge, add”

-        Crop to taste


hi res: https://www.astrobin.com/2rhh8c/

texture 6 sig.jpg

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