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ZTF 05.30 28th Jan (updated 30th) - naked eye and...

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...binoculars.  So high up and easy to locate near the two bright stars in Ursa Minor.  I am in northern Yorkshire Dales. 

Canon 15 x 50 IS - elongated fuzzy, about 1 degree.

Averted vision naked-eye fuzzy :)  Again the relative position of the nearby Ursa Minor stars made it relatively straightforward.  Also no interference from other bright stars.  *** 30th Jan 05.30 - definitely an easier naked-eye object, must be brighter than mag. 5 ***

Good luck everyone. 


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  • clarkpm4242 changed the title to ZTF 05.30 28th Jan (updated 30th) - naked eye and...

Amazing observation.

I finally bagged it visually with 8 x 40 bins from my work place last night, a brightly lit industrial complex. I have the ability to turn off much of the lighting (to save energy, of course). Which I did, to save energy of course!

But even with the lights off it wasn't that distinct. It wasn't even close to naked eye!

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Easy find up right if Polaris tonight from a nicely light polluted London suburb using handheld 10x50, looks like a bright messier object, decent sized coma, tiny little false nucleus. 


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I have just spotted it from my Bortle 4-5 location, but due to moonlight, haze and encroaching city lights I only spotted it with my binoculars (first the Zeiss Victory SF 10x42, then the Helios LightQuest 16x80s). Both showed it easily, with the 16x80 definitely giving the better view. No point in trying to image with clouds moving in

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