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M27 2023 reprocess


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I kept myself busy busy lately and not so lately.

But I bought a new computer, this time a real one, not a laptop. It's a Zotac Magnus One with the Intel i5 10400 and an Nvidia RTX3060 to which I added 64GB of RAM.

Its main purpose is for image processing so with this in mind I gave some old data a round of processing. However, I used the disputed blurXterminator and spent some time analyzing if it doesn't introduce details that aren't there in the first place or unobtainable via LR deconvolution. I did not find any issues so I consider it a keeper. By enabling GPU processing for the tensorflow scenarios, using a RAM disk for swap in PixInsight, and using the latest stable Ubuntu version, all AI processes (BXT, StarNet 2, SXT, NXT) are blazing fast, usually taking less than 10s to complete.

BXT does an amazing job, especially on the data shot through an SCT.

This brings me joy since I can complete the processing of an image much faster than before so it's doable again, even with more limited time.

Below is a comparison of almost the same data processed in 2023 and in 2021. For the new version I used also 1:40h of SII assigned to red. 10h of Ha, 10h of OIII, 1:40h of SII and 1h for each LRGB were shot with the C9.25 from Bortle 2 skies in 2021 and the rest up to almost 60h from the backyard with the Skyliner 200p back in 2019.

Dumbbell Nebula,                         alexbb Dumbbell Nebula,                         alexbb

You can also view the last version on astrobin.

Thanks for reading and watching!

Clear skies!


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