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Where can I find accurate coordinates for a Comet???

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I hope somebody can help me to find where I can find accurate coordinates for a Comet.

After a long layoff from imaging for various reasons .... a couple of nights ago, after looking up the calculated coordinates on the "NASA Horizon's" web site and entered these into my tracking software I took a set of 11 x100sec images of Comet 29P. After starting to process them I saw that the comet was quite a long way off the center of the images. I am assuming that the coordinates that I had used were slightly off.

Yesterday I did some searching on the 'net into accurate daily Comet coordinates I am faced with at least 5 slightly different sets of Comet coordinates and I don't know which to use. The "NASA Horizon" web page gives me two different sets of coordinates ..... (1)  "ICRF RA/Dec" and (2) "Apparent RA/Dec" coordinates. The  "COBS" web site  shows another set of coordinates. In CdC, when I click on any Comet , I get two more coordinates (1) "Mean of Date RA/Dec" and (2) " Mean J2000 coordinates" again slightly different to all of the others.

So it total I am faced with 5 slightly different sets of RA/Dec coordinates to choose from!

Does anybody have any suggestions as to which set of coordinates are best for me to try out next time I am able to do any Comet imaging?

Regards Mike

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