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Evening all. Not such a "newbie" Was an active member a few years ago, (chubster), but can't get access to my old account so having to start again. 

We've bought a place in southern Spain with excellent skies, Bortle Class 3 and its inspired me to get involved again. 

Now just got to get my post count up to gain access to the classifieds 🤔




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Depends how long a few years is! The skies are stil there although there are some changes, a few novas, some comets, more light polution and very many more eyepieces and other astro gadgets. Welcome back. 

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On 28/01/2023 at 12:23, Xsubmariner said:

Welcome back, if your into AP you will find there is a substantial increase in the choice of hardware and software.

That's what I'd like to get back into. Time to do some research 

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