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Asiair mini disk is full error

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Anyone encounter this? Don't know if it's related to the 2.0 10.46 update (a thread of which I've started), but I suspect it's more to do with the emmc memory.

Previously I had an issue having taken dark frames, they were showing in the asiair app but when I connected to a PC they weren't on the disk.

Now having setup during this fortuitous week, I deleted the previous nights images using the clear button as usual, memory all freed up. Went to start a plan and it states "disk is full". Reduced the number of subs to take in total, same problem. Restarted asiair, same problem. Reset asiair with the reset button, same problem. Took power out for a minute and plugged back in, guess what, same problem.

Can't use it at the moment, going to test it a bit more but anyone got any suggestions? It's only a month old.

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Just an update, it sorted itself the next day. Don't know why it happened though, haven't experienced it with any airs that use a micro SD card.

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12 minutes ago, Justin richens said:

Hi Elp, how do you update the asiair?

The firmware is usually updated by installing the latest version of the mobile app if there is a new firmware release included. When you open the app when it's connected to the air and if there is a firmware update the app will tell you to install it and it transfers from your phone to the asiair.

If your air is working well however I would hold back on updating, if you read the zwo forums each release is usually plagued with issues.

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