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Stellarmate optical train fail

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Haven't used the Stellarmate app for a while so updated it and found the new optical trains section, I've entered the telescope and it give the green tick for "getting Devices" but I can't add an optical train in the "Create New" section, the button does nothing.
Can anybody suggest what I might be missing?
I can see that the ZWO and canon are being detected initially, if unplugged then stellarmate flashes up that they're missing .

if I look in the camera module it says no cameras detected.
This might be because I can't make the optical train though but it still moves the mount and takes an image with the camera despite no train selected.


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2 hours ago, sulaco said:

but I can't add an optical train in the "Create New" section, the button does nothing.

It should. Sure there is nothing else stealing focus? Anyway, you normally need only two optical trains: One for the main scope, and one for the guide scope. Or, more simple, one for each camera. primary (main scope) and secondary (guidescope). You configure the optical train once for each profile. When you start a profile for the first time, it asks you, later it will remember the settings. Feels stupid and overcomplicated, but I think it is implemented for later features, mainly the possibility to run more than one rig at the same time. The config of the optical trains are NOT INTUITIVE! You doubleclick inside each cell to activate a drop-down list. THEN you can enter this list and make your choice. You add stuff with the "Telescopes and lenses"- button.

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Thanks for the reply, when in stellarmate app and click onto the Ekos tab all of the gear is there and connected. 
I’ve entered the gear into the profile tab and added the telescope parameters but if I click on the “ Create new” button, nothing. 

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