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Yet another Horsehead Nebula

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And why not? It's a stunning object which demands attention!

The first image is wideband, taken with an Askar FRA400 and ZWO ASI553. Alnitak is quite dominant, and I am wondering if the blue spots on NGC2024 (Flame Nebula) are real or come from spurious reflections from Alnitak. This is a result of 100x2m subs (3.3h) after discarding the rogue ones.



The next night I used an L-eXtreme dual band filter. The following is an Ha extracted image. It's a result of 50x3m subs (2.5h).



The filter does induce rather harsh star halos.

All processing is performed in APP, with final tweaking in Lightroom. Both need more data of course. Now all I need to do is blend them :blink:.

Thanks for looking.


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Thanks all for your comments and 'likes'.

3 hours ago, Roy Foreman said:

It is good to see the flame looking closer to it's true yellowish colour rather than red as in so many other images.

I'm not sure how its colour will change when the Ha is added in, as it appears to be quite bright in Ha too.


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